Hi! Welcome to our Blog! We are the Nittas. We are a Japanese-American family of four; born and raised in Hawaii, our 50th State. Wanderlust was calling, so we decided to move to Colorado so that we could explore the other 49 States. We sold our house and our business and moved our family to Colorado, chasing our wanderlust.

Well, we were all settled in and loving living in Colorado. However, our wanderlust did not go away. If anything, our short camping trips on weekends and during the summer with our toy hauler, made our wanderlust stronger. So, we decided in 2016 to homeschool our two kids and become a part-time RV family. Currently, we spend 2 months on the road, then come back to our home base to work for 2 months. We are currently working to become a full-time family but, are doing what we can to travel as much as we can now.

We hope to provide you with some useful information, some how-tos, and product and campground reviews. Most of all, we hope to provide you with some inspiration! Follow our Journey!

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